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(Correction and improving the functioning
of the internal organs)
Visceral chiropractic is affecting the internal organs through specific massage techniques with the purpose of reinstating the visceraposition and microcirculation in the spaces around it. This causes normalization of metabolic processes and improvement of functional disorders.
Indications: cholecystitis, pancreatitis, liver stagnations, hepatosis, bronchitis, gastric ulcer,  duodenum bulbulcer, colitis, chronic constipation, renalstagnations, stagnation of small pelvis, mildheart disorders, thyroid gland disease, kidney stone disease and cholel it hiasis, varix dilatation of lower limbs, osteochondrosis and etc.
Tutor: Sergey Diordichuk – a Doctor of Medicine, practicing doctor of osteopathy, reflexologist, manipulative therapist, author of massage techniques and recovery methods, lecturer, head of advanced training course for masseurs, aestheticians and SPA specialists in the training center SPA School (Latvia).


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