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Thai massage for children

The origins of traditional Thai massage date back about 2500 years. The author of this form of massage is a friend of Buddha, Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, who brought it to Thailand from the Northern India.Thai massage is based onthe theory of vital energy lines that flow throu
gh the body by a network of the invisible channels. When this energy flow slows down, it causes sickness or disease.
Thai massage for children is suitable for children aged 3.5 -12 years. Its duration, intensity and technique differ from the traditional Thai massage for adults and depend on the age and overall condition of a child. Gentle and rhythmic touches as well as mild stretching, make healthy and physically developed body, improve stress tolerance and immunity, restore state of mind.
Thai massage sessions stretch and straighten the backbone of a child, release tension andimprove joint mobility.
-musculoskeletal system disorder

-troubled sleep
-rapid fatigability and lack of diligence
-developmental delay
-frequentinfectious diseases
-lack of tactile and common attention
-restoration of psycho emotional contact after stresses and psychological traumas 

For Thai massage for children training course are invited loving mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers.An experienced tutor will train them to perform sessions of Thai massage for children at home. This training course consists of 5 studies, providing systematic trainings in massage techniques exactly for your children, with respect to their physiological and emotional peculiarities.


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