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Thai foot massage


Historically this technique came from China about 3000 years ago. Later monks brought it to the current territory of Thailand where it became enriched with Indian methods of reflexology. The same it remains also nowadays.

How Thai foot massage is performed?

There are pressure points one ach foot connected to the internal organs. By stimulating these points we can gently and efficiently affectthe whole body functions. Thai foot massage is performed by fingers and a wooden stick with special creams and oils, the formulas of which are taken from Tibetan healers.

Benefits of Thai foot massage

During a Thai foot massage session a client reaches the absolute relaxation and comfort feeling. This massage is effective in stimulating functions of the internal organs. The systematic massage sessions (2 times per week) leave a client with a deep feeling of balance, harmony and well-being.

Tutor: Edita Ivannikova– a SPA technologist, certified practicing cosmetologist and masseur, REIKI master, member of Latvian SPA&WELLNESS Federation.

Training course date: 
Class hours: 10.00 - 17.00
Price: 135,-Eur 
Special price for SPA club members: 120 Eur 



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