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The massage techniques school SPA SCHOOL – it is an accredited professional training center, registration Nr. 3360800565, issued by LR Board of Education (accreditation Nr. AI 5900). 
SPA SCHOOL is the only training center in Baltic States, having a status of the accredited ITEC International College(London), 
UK Accreditation: QCA 500/3250/1 Level 3.
SPA SCHOOL trains SPA Specialists, and provides them with professional qualification Diploma with assignment of the 3rd level qualification of a SPA SPECIALIST profession (occupational standard Nr. 325907, accreditation Nr.АР 1646), that give the right for employment by the appropriate profession Latvia.
Studies at SPA SCHOOL are organized in accordance with ITEC International Program (London). At the conclusion of studies SPA SCHOOL graduates receive ITEC International Diploma (London) that enables them to obtain employment and organize business undertakings in over 35 countries worldwide, such as Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, China and etc.
The SPA SCHOOL auditorium building is situated in Riga historical center at Kalpaka boulevard 10. 
Higher level of the teaching staff, material and technical equipment, as well as the content of the educational programs and methodological materials, make SPA SCHOOL the best professional educational center in Latvia that is training professional SPA SPECIALISTS (accreditation number АР 1646) for working in Beauty and SPA industries within and outside Latvia. The graduates, who have studied according to ITEC International Program, as soon as they receive ITEC International Diploma (London), obtain employment opportunities in 35 countries worldwide, that enhances their professional and territorial capabilities.
SPA SCHOOL has a perfect reputationin Latvian labor market and has a great many positive references from its graduates and their employers – leading Beauty salons and SPA centers in Latvia. As soon as they finish their trainings, the SPA SCHOOL graduates start their professional activities in leading Latvian SPA Centers such as Hotel Jurmala SPA, Baltic Beach Hotel, TB Palace, Amber SPA, ESPA Riga, Taka SPA, Park SPA and etc. SPA SCHOOL renders assistance in employment to its best graduates, recommending them to high-class salons and SPA Centers in Latvia. At the conclusion of studies the SPA SCHOOL graduates have an opportunity to undertake their business and work as SPA SPECIALISTS, starting their private practice or opening their own beauty or SPA salons.
SPA SCHOOL grants job opportunities in European SPA hotels to its graduates who have studied according to ITEC International Program (London). To achieve this possibility, SPA SCHOOL cooperates with European employment agencies and also contacts with international employers directly.
SPA SCHOOL tutors:
- are unchangeable speakers at International and Baltic Conferences and Forums, 
- carry out researches, 
- perform Internet Conferencesand give seminars for students, 
- give outdoor seminars in SIC and European countries.
- organize health maintenance programs and arrangements for the students. 
The massage techniques school SPA SCHOOL has successfully completed the accreditation process. It has also obtained accreditation for the "SPA SPECIALIST" professional education program (accreditation Nr. AP 1646).
The training center SPA SCHOOL as well as its professional educational programs, have obtained accreditation for the highest possible accreditation period of 6 years, till the year 2018!


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