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On Site massage is an express massage technique that is performed when a recipient is sitting on an ordinary office chair. It helps to achieve quick relaxationin limited time conditions, for example, at conferences, seminars, at the airports and offices, etc. Everyone beauty industry specialist can master this express massage technique.
How On Site express massage is performed?
This massage technique, as an addition to the traditional ones, has acquired popularity very quickly, because this procedure is very easy applicable. The recipien tremains clothed and no oils are used. Such massage session may be performed anywhere using just an ordinary office chair.  On Site massage helps to cope with various physical and emotional problems, especially if in dispositions are caused by stress. It may well be that soon On Site massage will become an integral part of daily body care.
On Site massage technique helps to achieve relaxation and relieve tension in the upper back. Various in dispositions, such as headaches and tensions, set especially intrapezius muscle and broadback muscle. After the upper back, a specialist massages the neck and head of a person. The head, neck and back are dynamically connected to each other. When the mentioned trio functions harmoniously, we feelwell in all respects. At the end of the massage session, the specialist massages the shoulders and hands of the recipient. As a rule, these body are as are often tense and cause the feeling of soreness.
The training course is intended for: SPA-specialists, masseurs, cosmetologists, nail stylists and hairdressers who intend to upgrade their skills and expand range of their services. 

Tutor: Tatjana Dementjeva – the toptutor of SPA SCHOOL, a masseur, physiotherapist, specialist in curative gymnastics.


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