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The professional training center SPA SCHOOL announces the intake of students for “SPA SPECIALIST” professional training program. SPA SCHOOL graduates receive TWO documents: Latvian professional qualification certificate and ITEC INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA that is recognized in over 40 countries worldwide! 

From 26rd till 29th January 2016 we are conducting Body Chiromassage training course. Chiromassage is one of the most popular and widespread techniques that was developed by Professor Enrique Castells Garcia. This massage technique differs from the others in large quantity of basic and additional Chiromassage operations, and also in the variety of original connecting elements.

On 13th April 2016 we run Champi massage training course. Ayurvedic Champi massage is an ancient point massage for head. It affects the nervous, lymphatic and arterial systems. It mobilizes cerebrospinal fluid, nourishes capillary roots and activates blood circulation. Tutor: Janina Vasiljeva

Welcome to the training course on Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage technique. This unique massage technique is aimed at harmonizing of exchange processes, increasing of body resistance and stabilization of immunity. It mobilizes body defenses in stress situations and decreases hypersensitivity. Training course dates: from 9th  Marth 2016.

On 19th and 26st January 2016 we conduct SPORTS MASSAGE training course. Sports massage is a component part of athletic training system. It is applied to increase athletic performance of a person. Sports massage is an efficient method to train athletes for competition sessions and to relieve their fatigue. It consists of a complex of special techniques that increase athletic performance, prepare athletes for long-lasting active muscular work and fasten recovery processes. Tutor: Tatjana Dementjeva.

On 9th February 2016 we conduct training course entitled "Detox body size reduction program". It is a highly effective recovery method. Cleansing massage enables to release cells and stimulate metabolism among them. Tutor: Aija Jermacane.



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