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SHOCK-AND-VIBRATION MASSAGE KIRIKOBU® - is the author's massage technique of Dr. Diordichuk that is included in the health-improving program KAMISIMO®. This massage technique is performed using a set of traditional Japanese Kirikobu tools. During the procedure a clientlies on a futon and sits on Dr.Diordichuk’s Ortho-Chair.
SHOCK-AND-VIBRATION MASSAGE KIRIKOBU® has a global therape utic character. 
Correct and consistent use of Kirikobu tool set is a guarantee of successful performance of the procedure.
KIRIKOBU® massage cleanses the skin fromhorny cells, stimulates the functions of oil glands and sweat glands, andimproves skin elasticity and microcirculation.It is applied to relieve muscle tension andspasms. Itishelpful after high physical loads and emotional overloads. This massage techniquebrings relaxation and removes overtiredness, depression and sleep loss.
Shock-and-vibration massage KIRIKOBU® relieves stress, regains strength, invigorates andimprovessexual potency. It is very effectivefor body shaping and cellulite removal. 
Also this massage technique is effective inregaining ofnatural body vibrations. It provides a person with the absolute relaxation andstimulates health improvement of the whole body.
Benefits of this massage technique: 
1. Depot fat and cellulite removal
2. Restoration ofskin elasticity and turgor
3. Uplift and correction ofmuscular-ligamentous apparatus
4. Reductions inbody sizes
5. Weight loss
6. Respiratory system restoration
7. Cardiovascularsystemstimulation
8. Restoration ofnaturalbody rhythm
9. Improvement of sleep quality
10. Improvement inurogenital system function
11.Improvement ofsexual activity
12. Restoration ofgastrointestinal tract
13.Removal ofchronic fatigue syndrome
CAUTION: UnskilledandinaccurateunassisteduseofKirikobutoolsetmay cause malfunction in all body systems!!!
The training course is intended for: SPA-specialists, masseurs, cosmetologists, bathhouse attendants, holistic medicine physicians, osteopaths and recreation therapists.
Tutor: SergeyDiordichuk–aDoctorofMedicine, practicingdoctor of osteopathy, reflexologist, manipulative therapist, author of massage techniques and recovery methods, lecturer, head of advanced training coursefor masseurs,aestheticiansand SPA specialists in the training center SPA School (Latvia).


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