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Nowadays the problem of overweightand fatness is extremely growing up. It is not a secret that excess weight negatively affects not only the appearance of people, but also their health condition causing cardiovascular and malignant diseases, diabetes and etc. In the modern world everyone should be aware of causes of this problem and the appropriate solution methods. It is not correct to experiment with the health condition through keeping diet and taking boomed “magic drugs” for slimming. 
This seminar course is providing information concerning the most common causes of overweight and the appropriate solutions of the problem. The popular diets and their health impact will be placed for consideration, as well as the most widespread nutrition and weight reduction myths. Participants of the seminar will acquire understanding of weight loss aid and will get a sample of 7-day nutrition planfor achieving the desired weigh.
Participants of the seminar will study fundamental principles of healthy eating and will be taught how to make the right choice during grocery shopping process. Also consideration will be given tothe basic principles of investigating ingredients and nutritive value of food. The participants will get a possibility to analyze their own rations and investigate various product labels.
Tutor: Jelena Zubovicha – a certified nutritionist, Master in nutrition science. 
Training course dates:
Class hours: 10.00 - 14.00
Price: 69,-Eur


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