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The massage technique school SPA SCHOOL (Latvia) offers foreign students



If You are living outside Latvia (in Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, CIS countries, Europe), and if You wish to get European professional education of a specialist in massage techniques in Russian and receive International Diploma that is recognized in 35 countries of the world and enables to obtain professional job in beauty salons, SPA and Wellness centers, then it is really for You!


Professional Education on the basis of Secondary Education

After the graduation and successful proficiency examination passing, the graduates receive:

• INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA ITEC (London) that confirms professional education and is recognized in 35 countries of the world (UK Accreditation: QCA 500/3250/1, Level 3). International ITEC Diploma conforms to the International Standards (the 3rd professional level) and enables its holders to obtain employment in SPA, Wellness and Beauty industries (in hotels, salons, health resorts) as SPA specialists and specialists in complementary and alternative therapy in over 35 countries worldwide, including Great Britain, Ireland, the USA, EU countries, Australia and Asian countries.  The 3rd professional level also enables its holders to keep private practice in the above mentioned countries.
What does the training program include?
The training program includes basic foundation on physiology, microbiology, anatomy and hygiene – therefore, the applicants for entrance to the training course don’t need to have medical education.
The training program provides in-depth study of classic body massage, lymph drainage massage, hot bag massage and reflective zone therapy.
• Introduction to anatomy and physiology;
• Hygiene;
• Contraindications to SPA procedures;
• First aid;
• Introduction to dietology;
• Classic body massage;
• Aroma Massage;
• Reflective zone therapy;
• Aesthetic lymph drainage massage;
• Express-massage, On Site Massage;
• SPA-philosophy and concept of complementary and alternative therapy;
• Professional ethics and norms of behaviour;
• Foundation of business and commercial activities;
• Familiarization with the leading cosmetic brands.
How does the training process proceed?
The training course lasts 6 months, mainly distantly, by means of distance learning internet system. Practical training takes place in Riga, at SPA SCHOOL training center, during the session periods according to special schedule. There are two sessions planned during the course, and each session lasts 10 days. Over the training course period students take tests, write course paper and fill in reports on singly performed procedures. There are two qualifying examinations planned at the conclusion of studies: theoretical and practical examinations that are held in Riga with direct involvement of ITEC examiners from Great Britain.
What is necessary to enter a course of study?
1. To enter the distance learning course, You have to submit an application by e-mail: manager@spaschool.lv and submit the following documents:
1) A copy of the passport
2) SPA SCHOOL filled in application form
3) Digital photo
4) Certificate of Secondary Education
The minimum number of students in one group:  8 people.

Language of learning course: RUSSION
Besides providing qualitative training, the training center SPA SCHOO renders assistance in:
1) Execution of invitations for the receipt of visas;
2) Choosing and booking hotels.
Massage Technologies School SPA SCHOOL (Latvia)
Address:  Riga, Kalpaka boulevard10, 3rd floor
Project manager: Kristina Luksha, phone:  (+371) 26004707,
E-mail: manager@spaschool.lv



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