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Amber therapy it is a special massage technique with applying of amber pieces, ambers and and amber powder.
In SPA amber therapy procedures only natural amber pieces, amber sand, amber powder and natural ecological oils are acceptable.
Amber therapy enables to perform deep cleansing, recovery and harmonization on energy, molecular, psychological and emotional levels. It relieves electrostatic and nervous tension, cleanses, rejuvenates, regenerates and lifts the skin, harmonizes overall health condition, improves sleep and libido (potency).
All areas of the face and body can be treated with this method, but the techniques of the procedures vary significantly.

Amber therapy for face
In the special atmosphere of SPA room (balancing the five senses) on the prepared for the procedure face, neck and decollate areas of the receiver, an Amber therapy master putswarm amber power and, then performs special massage movements. It provides an effect of gentle peeling andcompensates electrostatic field.After the skin is cleansed with amber sand, usingnaturalsilk gloves, brushes and small linen bags with amber sand, the face becomes prepared for receiving the main amber therapy procedure – for the massage with application of activatedamber pieces and natural oil to the face.
Amber therapy for body
First, amber powder is put on the body of a person and spread by thespecific massage movements. Then, applying amber sand and using special massage technique, an Amber therapy master activates biologically active zones, performs complete cleansingandstimulation of reflective projections. After multistage cleansing and preparatory processes, the Amber therapy master carries out a meridian energy massage for the whole body with application of activated big amber pieces and natural oil to the body.

"Amber body therapy" training course date: 
Class hours:  10.00 - 17.00
Price: 135,-Eur  
Special price for SPA club members: 120 Eur
It is necessary to purchase "a student kit": 30 Eur.
"Amber facial therapy" training course date: 
Class hours: 10.00 - 17.00
Special price for SPA club members: 120,- Eur. 
It is necessary to purchase "a student kit": 30 Eur.


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