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Sports massage

Training course dates:
19th  and 26st January 2016

Sports massage – it is a component part of athletic training system. It is applied to increase athletic performance of a person. Sports massage is an efficient method to train athletes for competition sessions and to relieve their fatigue. It consists of a complex of special techniques that increase athletic performance, prepare athletes for long-lasting active muscular work and fasten recovery processes.

There are several types of sports massage:
1.Training massage
2.Preparatory massage
3.Recreational massage

Training massage

During their training sessions, high-class athletes are under extremely intensive loads, and the training massage helps athletes to avoid tiredness and overexertion. It is helpful in retaining high athletic performance and providing the necessary psychological and physical training of athletes.

Preparatory massage
Preparatory massage is usually applied directly before a workout. It helps an athlete to enhance functional human performance before competition.

Recreational massage
Recreational massage is usually applied immediately after a heavy workout (during the training and competition sessions). It fastens recovery processes, increases athletic performance and improves sports results.

Tutor: Tatjana Dementjeva – the top tutor of SPA SCHOOL, a masseur, physiotherapist, specialist in curative gymnastics.

Training course dates: 19th and 26st January 2016
Class hours: 10.00 - 17.00
Price:155,- Eur
Special price for SPA club members: 135,- Eur



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