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«Detox body size reduction program»

It is really possible to reduce your body size without damaging your health!!!

Training course dates: 9th february 2016

The Detox cleansing program is one of the health improvement methods. Cleansing massage enables to release cells and stimulate metabolism.

The most sizeable organ we have is our skin. Through the skin the organism removes toxic waste. That’s why the skin needs to be cleansed regularly in order to remove horny skin layers, purify pores and stimulate circulation. Also the Detox massage technique is aimed at reduction of sizes of problem body areas. During a cleansing massage session a quantity of fat cells remains unchanged, but their sizes become reduced because of the excretion of metabolic waste products.

Cleansing (Detox) massage is effective in cellulite removal, in slowing its reoccurrence, stimulating blood circulation and improving overall health of a person. This massage type helps to remove subcutaneous fat stores. It stimulates lymphatic circulation, smoothes the skin, makes it firmer and tones it up. The Detox cleansing program provides removing of the excess fluid from the body. Stomach massage, that is included in the procedure, improves the function of intestine and removes toxins.

The Detox program is recommended:
 after long lasting medicamental therapy,
 for athletes after high load trainings, to stimulate latic acid excretion from the body,
 after long lasting airline flights, to cure a person who feels like an „inflated balloon”.

Tutor: Aija Jermacane - SPA SCHOOL tutor, masseur, SPA specialist, Master of Psychology, practicing psychologist, a holder of certificate of Master in Gentle Bio-Energetics; obtained NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) basic course. At the moment the tutor is studying recreational psycho catalysis and psychosomatic psychotherapy.

Training course dates: 9th February 2016
Price:  155,- Eur
Special price for SPA club members: 135,- Eur



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